Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Charles Eugene Gagnon
February 24, 1934 – April 28, 2012

It is with great sadness that we report the death of sculptor Charles Eugene Gagnon, who passed away recently at his residence in Rochester, Minnesota.

From an early age, 1970 or so, I remember Mr. & Mrs. Gagnon visiting the foundry one to two times each year. They would always come to our house one evening for dinner. I remember one time in particular, as we had dinner in Chinatown, which perhaps, was the first time I ever went to that area in Manhattan. Also, without a gap, each year, Mr. & Mrs. Gagnon would send us a poinsettia and a selection of cheeses for our Christmas party. Knowing Chuck all those years made it very easy for us to transition from him working with my father, Bob, to his working with me.  

In 2008, we completed one of Chuck's last major works, a beautiful piece he titled "Bird" with a 5-foot wingspan just touching the top of a wave, the model is shown below in clay. It was a commission for him that is installed on a resort in the Caribbean Island.  

  ("Bird" Clay Model)

Charles Gagnon was born to Eugene and Inez Gagnon and married his best friend, Arlyn Wind in 1964. For almost fifty years, we provided him casting services and considered him both a customer and a friend. Arlyn and he would visit the foundry almost every year from the mid-1960's to just as recently as last year. 

A Memorial Service was held May 5, at the Ranfranz & Vine Funeral Homes' Chapel in Rochester, Minnesota.  

Mr. Gagnon is survived by his lovely wife, Arlyn; and his siblings, Patricia Burns of Denver, CO, Timothy Gagnon of Denver, CO and Mark Gagnon of Kalispell, MT; and eight nieces and nephews.

Chuck's legacy of beautiful inspiring bronze sculptures will always speak of love, hope, and peace to present and future generations and we look forward to our continued work with Mrs. Gagnon to complete Chuck's last few sculptures completed in his studio.

- Jeffrey Spring