Friday, January 10, 2014

Greg Wyatt - The Gallatin Faculty Show 2013

A group show through January 16, 2014 is on exhibition at The Gallatin Galleries of The Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University. One of the featured artists is Greg Wyatt. Greg is a part time faculty member at The Gallatin School and Sculptor in Residence of the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in New York City.

In 1978 when Greg received a commission to sculpt a monumental eagle for International Headquarters of the American Bureau of Shipping in NYC. Greg chose Modern Art Foundry to make the cast. At that time, we also completed works for his exhibition at Bodley Gallery. We are pleased to have had an ongoing relationship with Greg for over thirty years, and reestablished our working relationship about six years ago, including the casting his work "Luna," the Roman goddess, for this show.

The Romans venerated "Luna" as goddess of the moon and a patron of the feminine. She was believed to inspire love and hold control over imagination through dreams. "Luna" was the deity who lifted the subconscious from its cloudy realms and brought its instinctual awareness and insight into the knowable and eternal present.

The on line ARTFIXdaily describes Greg's presentation as "an allegorical figure created with exacting attention to detail, a lyrical composition, a carefully burnished patina, and a work of art inspired by the mastery of Renaissance sculptors and inflected with a contemporary sensibility". It continues, "with her torso and legs draped in a cascading garment that suggest her close connection with the tug and pull of the moon's effect on the earth's waters".

Among the worlds preeminent sculptors working in cast bronze, Greg is well known for his public monuments including "Peace Fountain" at the Cathedral Church, and "Price of Freedom" at Arlington National Cemetery, VA to name just two of the many commissioned works on view around the globe, including at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, England and Perking University, China.

We encourage you to attend the show at The Gallatin Galleries and learn more about Greg Wyatt and all the faculty members. For more information visit:

The Gallatin Galleries are located at 1 Washington Place at Broadway, New York, NY, Mon- Fri: 9 am–9 pm, Sat–Sun: Closed
Modern Art Foundry
18-70 41st Street, Astoria, NY  11105

- Photo Credit: Greg Wyatt