Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's Summer.....

As winter finally fades and warmer weather arrives,
Modern Art Foundry's Conservation and Maintenance Team
hits the road to provide cleaning and protective waxing services on site. 
                                                                           Iwo Jima Memorial, Fall River, MA (maintenance)

Formally incorporated as one of our services about fifteen years ago, our Conservation and Maintenance Department has been working to provide initial and on going treatment plans to private and public collections, allowing for protection and preservation. First time treatments often focus on restoring a sculpture back to a best-desired state. Annual treatments allow for the continuous care and graceful aging. In some cases, our assessment of a sculpture that has not been treated for sometime requires additional services, such as on site patina restoration, which may be necessary to bring the work back to a unified, healthy condition. While funding is often an issue in on going care, we find owners very receptive to keeping their sculpture looking good. Cleaning, patina balance, and protective waxing are the basic services. We also care for a few bronze fountains. This involves a start up service to get the water pump working in spring, and providing a shut down service to protect the plumbing in winter. Sculpture that has not been treated for many, many years or vandalized may not be repairable in the field and we will recommend the piece be delivered to the foundry for more extensive services. Our overall goal is to achieve protective care while following the least invasive treatments, and cautiously proceeding should action that is more aggressive be needed.

As you can see from the images, we work on small and large works. With summer on its way,
our Sculpture Care Specialists are ready to provide protection to sculptures in parks,
schools, private residences, and more.

                                    Samantha Smith statue, Augusta, ME (maintenance)
                                                                                                                  (All photo credits on file)

If you see us, please say hello. 
If you have sculpture that needs some care, give us a call or email at
718.728.2030 / info@modernartfoundry.com.