Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Modern Art Foundry Casts
World War 1 Monument 
Saratoga Park, Brooklyn, NY
SARATOGA PARK MONUMENT (life-size figure and two honor rolls), bronze, 2014

In 1920, James S. J. Novelli, an Italian-American sculptor and prolific monument maker was commissioned to model a World War I monument for Saratoga Park in Brooklyn, NY. The Saratoga Monument consists of a granite plinth and two cast bronze honor rolls listing 106 local soldiers who died during the war that flank a life-size allegorical figure, also cast bronze. It is believed that in 1970, the two honor rolls went missing and in 2000 the figure was stolen. From that time until just a few weeks ago, the granite slab stood bare in Saratoga Park.

The Re-dedication Ceremony at Saratoga Park 
September 10, 2014

As part of a city parks restoration contract, working with Fina Gonzalez of WBE Unlimited Corporation, Modern Art Foundry hired professional  sculptor Anatoly S. Mikhailov to model a replica sculpture from photographs and the remaining bronze fragments of the original work. Anatoly has worked for us before, most recently modeling a life-size figure of George M. Steinbrenner III located in the main lobby of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, NY, and a life-size Abraham Lincoln for a private collector. In addition to modeling and casting the Saratoga figure, the two honor rolls were also recast. 

"It is almost always incredibly interesting and exciting to be part of restoring historically significant work. Using reference documents and images, you feel a sense of time travel as you set out to repeat what was once completed and presented to the public. The process from start to finish is very engaging."  ~ Jeffrey Spring

Modern Art Foundry
Astoria, New York

Anatoly S. Mikhailov website: www.amcreativeart.com
Photo Credits: Maria Mikhailov

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Threading Through Decades

Max Ernst

"On a recent visit to Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, I happened upon Max Ernst's marker and was reminded of the thread some artists have made through the three generations of Modern Art Foundry. It has been in these relationships that our commitment and contribution to those who make art has been made." ~Jeffrey Spring

Max Ernst was a painter, sculptor, graphic artist, and poet. He is often considered one of the pioneers of the Dada and Surrealism movements. His work "The King Playing with the Queen," was one of the featured works at the Mnuchin Gallery’s New York exhibition titled, Casting Modernity: Bronze in The XXth Century, that was cast at the foundry.

"The King Playing with the Queen," bronze, 37 7/8" x 33" x 21 1/8"

Modern Art Foundry has an extensive casting history with Max Ernst, lifetime and posthumously. He worked with John and Bob Spring, and his family has worked with Bob and Jeffrey Spring. “Our records indicate that Mr. Ernst first brought work to us in 1953. I returned from the Air Force in 1955 and I remember Mr. Ernst and his gallery at that time. I have always enjoyed Max Ernst’s sculptures.” ~Bob Spring

My conversations with Bob Spring are part of an on-going documentation of his many decades of dedication to working with artists and casting their work. To date we have reviewed his experiences with an amazing group of diverse and influential artists including Peter Agostini, Doris Caesar, Willem de Kooning, Jose de Creeft, Temima Gezari, Frank Hayden, Mary Hecht, Malvina Hoffman, Anna Hyatt Huntington, Gaston Lachaise, Jacques Lipchitz, George Lober, Paul Manship, Henry Moore, Marino Marini, Joan Miro, Ernst Neizvestny, Isamu Noguchi, John Rhoden, Luis Sanguino, George Segal, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Clemente Spampinato, William Zorach and the list keeps growing. Often these talks lead us to specific topics such as finishing techniques, patinas, installations, thoughts on commissioned commemorative design work, and the maintenance and conservation of bronze sculpture.

                                             Modern Art Foundry: Fine Art Casting Since 1932
Prepared by Patricia Bradshaw as part of:
        Reflections on fifty plus years in the fine art casting business.
An on-going collection process that includes interviews, writings, and recordings for publication in print, digital, and sound mediums.


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