Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bob Spring Visits the Mnuchin Gallery Exhibition
"Casting Modernity: Bronze in the XXth Century"

Introduction to a Series of Discussions with Bob Spring

Prepared by Patricia Bradshaw 

A few days before its closing in June 2014, Bob and Jeffrey Spring made their way to East 78th Street in NYC to visit the exhibition titled, Casting Modernity: Bronze in the XXth Century at the Mnuchin Gallery. After reviewing promotional materials and recognizing a number of castings made at Modern Art Foundry, Jeffrey wanted his father Bob to see this show.  

- - - "In a very simple way, the exhibition unknowingly shared our history too," Jeffrey remarked.

Upon their return, I met with Mr. Spring a couple times to discuss his thoughts on the exhibition. He said he was quite taken seeing all these works, and felt a clear emotional connection. Many of these artist’s he worked with directly, providing services to assist them in their artistic pursuits. He added, "It was a nice tribute to the foundry, although most people, on first glance would not know we were involved. Even the artist’s we didn't cast for, their works sometimes made their way to our foundry when collectors need our conservation and maintenance services.” I asked Mr. Spring for some specific memories but his first thoughts mused about his father, himself, and now his daughter and son all sharing these similar experiences working with artists.

- - - He replied, “It was very nice of the gallery curator to show us around, and give us two complimentary exhibition catalogues.”

The artist’s included in the exhibit were Jean Arp, Louise Bourgeois, Constantin Brancusi, Alexander Calder, Willem de Kooning, Max Ernst, Alberto Giacomettti, Jasper Johns, Jeff Koons, Henri Laurens, Roy Lichtenstein, Marino Marini, Henri Matisse, Joan Miro, Henry Moore, Bruce Nauman, Isamu Noguchi, Pablo Picasso, Germaine Richier, Auguste Rodin, David Smith, and Cy Twombly. Mr. Spring recalled, "My father always told me that our purpose is to be faithful to the artists intentions. We are not critics. This principle has allowed us to work with many, many artists during the past eighty two years. We are certainly not perfect, but it is important for foundries to have good craftsman, without them you would not meet the demands of the customers."

In the next few posts I will expand on Mr. Spring’s memories and connections in more detail including working with sculptors Louise Bourgeois, Willem de Kooning, Max Ernst, Jasper Johns, Isamu Noguchi and others.

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