Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Shay Rieger
(1923 - 2015)

"Pig" - bronze, 11" x 18" x 9"
It is with sadness that Modern Art Foundry shares the news of the passing of Shay Rieger. Shay first came to Modern Art Foundry in 1959, and from then until last year we continued to work with her to cast, exhibit, and sell her wonderful, inspiring, caring, and thoughtful works of art.

During the last decade, every few months, I would make early morning visits to her home/studio on Horatio Street to review any work we were doing for her. This will always be a memorable experience for me. Shay was a customer that worked with all three generations of our foundry. Her publications almost always included images of her and our craftsman engaged in bringing her work to life.  - Jeffrey Spring
Shay was born in New York City and is the author and illustrator of several books and films which included the award-winning film, The Bronze Zoo. As a sculptor, she has worked in numerous materials such as wood, stone, plaster, clay, terra cotta, and bronze. Her animal and bird sculptures have been displayed in community centers, public parks, corporate buildings, and private homes. Her most recent sculpture installation was June of 2004, at the Children’s Hospital of New York Presbyterian in New York City.

In 2010, AES Gallery featured the paintings of Shay's titled, "Noah's Ark, The Renewal." The exhibition featured the unique paintings in oil and stitchery based on a book for publication. For that exhibit, she captured the escape, two by two, from the Great Flood. The show was presented by Modern Art Foundry and RT Restorations. 
A Selection from "Noah's Ark, The Renewal," Series.
Many have long enjoyed Shay's creations. She studied at the Arts Students League in Manhattan, and exhibited in New York museums such as, the Brooklyn Museum and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Shay also offered public installations in New York Public Libraries, Lever House Building, Warner Communications Building, and Rockefeller Plaza.

Modern Art Foundry 
Astoria, New York  

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